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Competitive history sets up Seahawks-Patriots matchup Sunday night

Seahawks reporter Sheil Kapadia and Patriots reporter Mike Reiss take an in-depth look at Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLIX rematch between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

This is a favorable matchup for their offense. Wilson is getting healthier and coming off an outstanding performance in which he completed 20 of 26 passes for 282 yards and a pair of touchdowns. The Seahawks decided after their loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 8 that they needed to push the ball down the field more. Expect plenty of downfield shots to Graham, Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett against the Patriots. New England has produced sacks on just 3.8 percent of its opponents’ dropbacks. That ranks 28th in the NFL and is good news for a Seahawks offensive line that has struggled against strong defensive fronts. On the other side of the ball, the Seahawks’ defense is allowing 16.75 points per game, third best in the league.

QBs threw for 9.23 yards per Matt Asiata Authentic Jersey attempt on play-action through Week 9 this season, compared with 6.9 ypa on all other passes, according to ESPN Stats & Information. That’s a huge gap. ?It’s the difference between Tom Brady and Marcus Mariota! Further, play-action passes lead to first downs on 44.3 percent of completions, versus 33.3 percent for non-PA, and result in fewer sacks despite QBs holding the ball longer (5 percent of dropbacks, versus 5.6 percent). Essentially, play-action is a way to grab extra rewards without incurring extra risk.

For some, the pure pocket passer is the beau ideal of quarterback play, and once a QB has established a high level of standard performance, it’s almost as if he shouldn’t need to resort to anything so gimmicky. Other clubs still think you have to Matt Cassel Authentic Jersey run to set up the pass and will use play-action only if they are already confident in their rushing game. Indeed, as Football Outsiders pointed out in July, four of the five teams that ran most often last season (as a percentage of plays) were also among the half a dozen that deployed play-action the most.

“It wasn’t super-huge things, like super-strict,” Bucannon said. “They were still regular parents, but just the biggest values were just never lie, cheat or steal. That was the biggest thing that shaped me.”

Bucannon said the military influence came in his punishments. Duane would have Deone do military exercises such as pushups or wall sits. Bucannon grew up on military bases, and when he wasn’t living on one, he’d often find himself doing homework on a base while his mother worked late.