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Other Fabes Sole High customers have included Titans tight end Delanie Walker and Bills quarterback Cardale Jones

Other Fabes Sole High customers have included Titans tight end Delanie Walker and Bills quarterback Cardale Jones, among others. The NFL often frowns on custom footwear being worn in games, so most of these players have worn their Fabes Sole High cleats only for pregame activities. But some have managed to get them into games. “The guys who police this stuff for the league, they’ll tell the players during pregame, ‘You can’t wear that during the game,’ but they usually don’t check after that,” Kerber said. “So some guys, like Cardale Jones, have switched to regular cleats for the first half and then worn their custom designs during the second half.”

Kerber handles most of the communication with the players, but Eddie Lack Authentic Jersey Avery executes the designs. “I’ll start by roughing the shoe up with a sanding pen, so it’ll hold the paint better,” Avery said. “Then I use what’s called an adhesion promoter, which is usually used for automotive paint jobs, which also helps the paint to adhere. I use Angelus paint, which is designed for leather. It’s made to flex without cracking. I mostly use an airbrush, but I’ll use do small details by hand. And then I use a heat gun to cook the paint onto the shoe.” The whole process takes about 20 hours. The player usually provides the cleats, and the price for the paint job is generally in the $400 range.

Said Kovalev: “For three years we fought without any promoter. I fought with the support of Egis. Throughout everything he was my father, my brother, my guide. For me he was everything.”

“It has been a very long road since 2009 when he came here to the United States,” Klimas said. “He never was pushed by any media, he never was mismatched, he never was protected like many fighters are nowadays. Many don’t know how we used to sit in Henrik Sedin Authentic Jersey the van and go from the East Coast, town to town, just to get a fight.”

Kovalev went from his darkest hour of his opponent’s ring death to the turning point of his career in his next bout. Klimas had convinced Main Events promoter Kathy Duva to put Kovalev on her NBC Sports Net-televised card against journeyman Darnell Boone, who had previously lasted the eight-round distance with him in a split-decision loss. Kovalev knocked Boone out in the second round of the rematch in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was the first fight for which he earned a purse. Duva paid him $5,000. It was the first time in Kovalev’s career that Klimas did not have to go into his own pocket to pay for the fight.

“I was paying for the fights, I was paying for his opponent, for the whole team to travel, for the team hotel, for our travel, for our hotel,” Klimas said. Although he wasn’t paying Kovalev purses for the fights, he took care of him.