What players and teams “won” the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft on Thursday night?

While some players were selected earlier than expected and some teams ended up with great value, other players fell and other teams reached.

Before the lazy QB comparisons to what’s his name, let’s keep in mind Mayfield is a lot more talented and a little taller than that other guy who, by the way, was taken 21 picks later four long years ago. Cleveland could afford to be enamored by Mayfield’s upside with Tyrod Taylor as the short-term solution. In the end, the Browns needed someone with a loaded college winning resume and an “it” factor. After looking closer at Mayfield’s arm and accuracy and less at his athleticism, this pick made a lot more sense for both sides.

Scott Schebler (L), 12 percent, Cincinnati Reds at Minnesota Twins (RHP Jake Odorizzi): Odorizzi started strong, but he’s run into trouble recently, allowing five homers over his last two starts. If he continues to miss his spots on Saturday, Schebler and his .257 career ISO against righties can make him pay.

Adam Frazier (L), 3 percent, Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Detroit Tigers (RHP Jordan Zimmermann): A whopping 44 of Frazier’s 45 career extra-base hits have come against righties, yielding an ISO that is 126 points higher than his work against lefties. Meanwhile, Zimm allowed a .291/.336/.477 line against lefties in 2015-17 and it’s been even worse so far this year at .314/.368/.514. Consider any Pittsburgh lefty against Zimmermann.

Dave Gettleman didn’t disappoint the Big Blue faithful or Barkley by making this the “gold jacket-type” player of choice. New York, only two years removed from making the playoffs on the strength of its defense, needed a feature running back a lot more than a future franchise quarterback. Barkley will go to work and be as explosive as he was at Penn State.

The Jets were attached to Darnold before the beginning of last season, when he was set to be the No. 1 overall pick while they were the absolute worst team in the NFL. It all lined up in the end, as the team desperately needed a rookie capable of handling the big-market spotlight. Darnold and Cleveland never felt like a good player-city match.

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