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Raiders’ Derek Carr: Pinkie finger ‘little sore but that’s expected’

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr told a Bay Area radio station on his weekly appearance Monday that his injured right pinkie finger still hurt and was swollen, but he expected no lingering effects.

“I’m doing good, I’m doing good,” Carr told 95.7 The Game host JT Robert Quinn Youth Jersey The Brick. “Obviously, it’s a little sore, but that’s expected. But it should be good. Just get the swelling down, and it will be all right.”

A lot of us had an idea that Spurrier wouldn’t be back the next season once the calendar flipped to December. And a lot of us were right. Owner Dan Snyder replaced Spurrier with Joe Gibbs in the offseason. And I would say uncertainty surrounding the head coach had an impact on the locker room, practice and our overall game prep as we finished out the year.

Things just started to drag a bit. The pace of practice slowed down, the film study slipped and the game plans got lighter. We became that team sleepwalking through the daily routine. It was now “work” at the facility. That excitement of getting a fresh game plan? That’s for the playoff teams, the contenders. I’ve experienced that excitement. And it’s great.

“To come back like that, put the glove on and lead us down and get a big win like that, that’s good stuff,” Del Rio said Monday in his weekly media conference. “You were wondering how it was going to go when he first got back out there. And he settled in and started Rodger Saffold Youth Jersey firing away. … I think he’s going to be OK. He was able to come and finish, which was big, and I think he’ going to be fine, so we’ll see how the week goes.”

Carr missed just one series and played the remainder of the game exclusively in the shotgun while wearing the glove. Carr was wearing a bandage on the digit as he dressed after the game but came to the postgame news conference without a wrap. David Carr said his brother had the pinkie taped to his ring finger Sunday night.

Carr completed 11 of 18 passes for 139 yards and a touchdown and interception after the injury. He was 15-of-20 for 176 yards and a touchdown before getting hurt.

A year later, Cowboys feeling completely different

After losing to the Dee Ford Authentic Womens Jersey Carolina Panthers last year on Thanksgiving, there was a heavy scent of defeat inside the Dallas Cowboys locker room.

The loss was the team’s eighth in 11 games and, more importantly, Tony Romo suffered a broken left collarbone for the second time in the season and would not play another snap in 2015.

On Thursday, the mood inside the locker room after the Cowboys’ 31-26 win against the Washington Redskins was completely different.

The Cowboys, celebrating a Dak Prescott TD run on Thursday, have made quite a turnaround since last Thanksgiving.
“We’re smiling,” cornerback Brandon Carr said.

Those decisions weren’t the only issues in a 31-26 loss Thursday, but they definitely were factors.

There’s another side to these moves too, one that I don’t mind. If you want to be Demetrius Harris Authentic Womens Jersey aggressive, then that’s how you coach and you roll the dice and let it go. You establish a mindset. Just as Gruden did last week going for it on fourth-and-1 against Green Bay late in the fourth quarter of that win.

Yes, they do. The Redskins are definitely building something, especially on offense. They’ve been able to move the ball on anyone and everyone, though the red zone continues to give them fits.

“The thing about sports is you get another year to wipe the slate clean,” Carr said. “The guys, we kept that taste in our mouths, kept the feeling from last year and just let it burn, let it fuel our fire through the offseason. And even right now we’re in a good spot, 10-1, but you look around this locker room, guys are still holding their heads down, still grinding.

Dak Prescott has been a historically great rookie (so far)

Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott is having a phenomenal season by almost any measure. How does it compare to other great rookie campaigns?

The Redskins have more insight Kenny Stabler Authentic Jersey into Cowboys rookie phenoms Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott the second time around, but there’s also more to fear.

Proof that every move the Cowboys’ starting QB makes is noteworthy: Video of Dak Prescott picking up a Gatorade cup after missing the trash can has been viewed more than 49,000 times on YouTube.

Will Tony Romo still be in Dallas next season? Can Washington upset Dallas on Thanksgiving Day? Our experts make their predictions for Week 12 and beyond.

The past four games, Prescott has completed 25 of 28 passes in the fourth quarter. Against Cleveland, he completed three of four passes in the Cowboys’ blowout win. In out-dueling Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers, he completed 10 of 11 passes. In Sunday’s win against Baltimore, he completed all six of his passes.

As good as those performances were, Prescott’s showing in the fourth quarter against the Redskins might have been the best. He showed the strength of his arm and the use of his legs to answer the Redskins’ scoring drives with Cowboys scoring drives.

It was Prescott’s fifth rushing touchdown of the season, and Khalil Mack Authentic Jersey that tied Don Meredith’s mark set in 1966.

When the Redskins answered one more time with a touchdown drive with 1:53 to play, Prescott converted his final pass, an 8-yard screen pass to Beasley. That effectively secured the victory.

In the Cowboys’ only loss of the season, Prescott completed only six of 17 fourth-quarter passes against the Giants. He has been nearly flawless since then.

To open the game, Prescott was off-target and missed open receivers for what could have been big plays. But to close the game, he was just about perfect, as he has been since Week 1.

Jim and I agree that someone on the Cincinnati Bengals will step up to fill the void created by A.J. Green’s torn hamstring

Obviously, Jim and I agree that someone on the Cincinnati Bengals will step up to fill the void created by A.J. Green’s torn hamstring. I’m betting on LaFell, since he’s been the second-best wide receiver on the Bengals this season.

Among that group, LaFell ranks second on his team in both targets (55) and yards per catch (12.7), with Tashaun Gipson Authentic Jersey only Green ahead of him. With Green sidelined, expect LaFell’s target frequency to increase and a with a game versus the Baltimore Ravens on the horizon, that’s great news. The Ravens allow the fourth-most fantasy points per game to opposing wide receivers, so look for LaFell to be a worthy WR2 candidate this week.

These are surely not the answers you’re looking for, whether you’re a frustrated Texans fan or simply someone who would like to limit blood-pressure spikes during games. It is easy to bash the NFL when an official appears to make a mistake, even while overlooking errors that occur regularly in all aspects of what is a game played and coached by humans. And in many cases, the league deserves the criticism.

The Dolphins’ defense has proven resilient and has one of the better pressure rates in the league in the pass-rush phase, but with Kaepernick’s ability to escape the pocket and the up-tempo scheme Chip Kelly employs — the 49ers are eighth in drives per game the past six weeks (11.6) — we admire his high floor for fantasy purposes, as he’s produced at least 17 fantasy points in all but one start this season.

Adei-Barimah has been the team’s nickelback for most of the season. He’s played in all 10 games this year, with 22 tackles, two sacks, two pass breakups and a forced fumble.

It is not a perfect solution, and in fact is designed only to avoid the most obvious mistakes, but it is a layer the NFL should consider adding for occasions such as Monday night.

Second, the cost was significant — estimated at $25 million or more — for a project that might have only Telvin Smith Authentic Jersey incremental impact. (Belichick has suggested a bake sale to take care of it, which might have been one of his best public moments to date.)

Other Fabes Sole High customers have included Titans tight end Delanie Walker and Bills quarterback Cardale Jones

Other Fabes Sole High customers have included Titans tight end Delanie Walker and Bills quarterback Cardale Jones, among others. The NFL often frowns on custom footwear being worn in games, so most of these players have worn their Fabes Sole High cleats only for pregame activities. But some have managed to get them into games. “The guys who police this stuff for the league, they’ll tell the players during pregame, ‘You can’t wear that during the game,’ but they usually don’t check after that,” Kerber said. “So some guys, like Cardale Jones, have switched to regular cleats for the first half and then worn their custom designs during the second half.”

Kerber handles most of the communication with the players, but Eddie Lack Authentic Jersey Avery executes the designs. “I’ll start by roughing the shoe up with a sanding pen, so it’ll hold the paint better,” Avery said. “Then I use what’s called an adhesion promoter, which is usually used for automotive paint jobs, which also helps the paint to adhere. I use Angelus paint, which is designed for leather. It’s made to flex without cracking. I mostly use an airbrush, but I’ll use do small details by hand. And then I use a heat gun to cook the paint onto the shoe.” The whole process takes about 20 hours. The player usually provides the cleats, and the price for the paint job is generally in the $400 range.

Said Kovalev: “For three years we fought without any promoter. I fought with the support of Egis. Throughout everything he was my father, my brother, my guide. For me he was everything.”

“It has been a very long road since 2009 when he came here to the United States,” Klimas said. “He never was pushed by any media, he never was mismatched, he never was protected like many fighters are nowadays. Many don’t know how we used to sit in Henrik Sedin Authentic Jersey the van and go from the East Coast, town to town, just to get a fight.”

Kovalev went from his darkest hour of his opponent’s ring death to the turning point of his career in his next bout. Klimas had convinced Main Events promoter Kathy Duva to put Kovalev on her NBC Sports Net-televised card against journeyman Darnell Boone, who had previously lasted the eight-round distance with him in a split-decision loss. Kovalev knocked Boone out in the second round of the rematch in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was the first fight for which he earned a purse. Duva paid him $5,000. It was the first time in Kovalev’s career that Klimas did not have to go into his own pocket to pay for the fight.

“I was paying for the fights, I was paying for his opponent, for the whole team to travel, for the team hotel, for our travel, for our hotel,” Klimas said. Although he wasn’t paying Kovalev purses for the fights, he took care of him.

The difference in Davis from 2015 to 2016

What got lost in the move remains in the jar; that’s the 2015 production that Davis couldn’t match. What he replaced it with is in the glass, on the right. We’re talking about 20 plate appearances that shifted from positive outcomes to negative, fewer than one bad outcome per week. The overwhelming majority of his nearly 700 plate appearances stayed the same.

Davis was much more patient. He swung about five fewer times per 100 pitches seen, a patience that showed up both at pitches in the strike zone and out of the strike zone. He went from the top 40 percent of free-swingers, in 2015, to the bottom 20 percent in 2016. (This probably explains the modest uptick in both walks and strikeouts, as he worked deeper counts.)

More teams shifted against him, though not that many more — he was already shifted by almost everybody. Still, he hit 127 ground balls against an extreme shift in 2016, up from 113 in 2015 (and 96 the year before that). This cost him a single or so.

His slugging percentage Stefon Diggs Authentic Womens Jersey to the opposite field over the past five years is the best mark in baseball by more than 65 points. Hitting more balls to left or center isn’t necessarily a bug for Davis, and in 2016 especially it worked to his benefit: He slugged .975 on balls hit the other way, more than 100 points better than any other hitter in baseball. He slugged .795 on balls hit to center, fifth best in baseball, two points behind Mike Trout.

He drew four more walks in 2016, so to the extent the Orioles were paying him to walk (and they were) they got more than their money’s worth. He had six fewer singles, so to the extent they were paying him to single (and they were), they almost got Teddy Bridgewater Authentic Womens Jersey their money’s worth. Davis repeated all of the walks and most of the singles, so remove all of the walks from the marshmallows, and all but six of the knockoff M&Ms.

He hit 38 homers in 2016, down from 47 in 2015. He doubled 21 times, down from 31. So if the Orioles expected him to hit 78 extra-base hits, he lived up to that promise in 59 of 78 instances. Those 19 missing extra-base hits were, more or less, cleanly replaced by 11 extra strikeouts and five extra outs on balls in play. (He also batted five fewer times.)

Will closers cash in? Projected dollars, fits for top free agents

This free-agent class, known as the 2017 class, is one of the weakest in recent memory, but it does have a couple of impact middle-of-the-lineup bats (Edwin Encarnacion, Yoenis Cespedes), a couple of shutdown closers (Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman), strong defensive catchers (Matt Wieters, Wilson Ramos, Jason Castro) and outfielders with speed/power Thurman Thomas Authentic Jersey tools (Dexter Fowler, Ian Desmond). As such, we should have plenty of bidding and negotiating to track this offseason.

But because of the weak class, one common theme I think we’ll see compared with previous years is that teams will offer fewer years but slightly more AAV (average annual value). Contracts that normally would be 6-8 years will now be 4-5 years, but clubs Tyrod Taylor Authentic Jersey will pay more per year. Also, as MLB revenue continues to grow, player salaries should rise as well.

“This offseason I’m going to be working at every position just to be ready for spring training,” Reyes said during a visit with Curtis Granderson to M.S. 72 in Jamaica to distribute turkeys to needy families. “Wherever the skipper wants to put me, I’m going to be open to doing it. And whatever is best for the team, like I said, I’m going to be open to doing it.

“It’s great to have Neil back. We know what he’s capable of doing in the field. He’s a great teammate, great person. What he’s able to do as a second baseman, that’s something that we need.”

The Mets may even let Reyes dabble in the outfield during spring training, although that topic has not yet been raised with him.

Of course, shuffling Reyes among multiple positions Zach Brown Authentic Jersey presumes David Wright will be fully healthy and capable of playing the bulk of the games at third base.

“We haven’t talked about anything yet, but when I signed here, they talked about outfield,” Reyes said. “So I’m open.”

Players like Yoenis Cespedes and Edwin Encarnacion will get good contracts this winter, although maybe not as big as either expects. But there appear to be so many more sluggers available this winter than well-paying spots available that inevitably, some very accomplished hitters are going to be left scrambling for jobs late in the offseason and even into spring training.

Here’s a handful of available sluggers:

Jose Bautista: He rejected a qualifying offer from the Blue Jays on Monday, following a season in which he was limited (by injury) to 116 games. Bautista did have a .366 on-base percentage, but he turned 36 last month.

It’s what coach Jay Wright relied on as he rolled out his undersized frontcourt of 6-9 Darryl Reynolds

The Boilermakers made their run as expected at home, pulling within one point six different times in the last 12 minutes, including three times in the game’s final minute. Each time, Villanova had an answer.

That, folks, is championship mettle.

It’s what coach Jay Wright relied on as he rolled out his undersized frontcourt of 6-9 Darryl Reynolds and 6-7 Eric Paschall to contend with Purdue’s tandem of Hass and the 6-9 Caleb Swanigan.

It’s why the Wildcats didn’t have Matt Elam Youth Jersey a turnover in the game’s final four minutes, with Purdue pulling within one possession.

It’s how sophomore guard Jalen Brunson, who hadn’t attempted a free throw the entire game, coolly stepped to the line and made four in the final 23 seconds.

And no matter how high draft boards have a player getting picked, that kind of fortitude is earned only through experience.

Not too long ago, like 10 to 15 years ago, a national champion that returned as many key players as Nova did would be a clear-cut pick for No. 1. That, of course, is no longer the case.

Duke received top billing with its fine assembly of what many experts considered the No. 1 freshman recruiting class (Kentucky was ranked No. 1 in ESPN’s rankings). Never mind that injuries have sidelined Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum and Marques Bolden and that the trio will possibly be the most talented DNP’s to visit Madison Square Garden this season.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said this past Saturday that until he had his full roster playing, his team would be about “survival” and that he hoped once healthy it could be the team he thinks it can be.

Well, Villanova has that team right now. If anyone is paying attention.

Markelle Fultz has a Michael Jordan story. Like MJ, Fultz didn’t make his varsity team as a high school sophomore. But Fultz doesn’t want to follow Jordan’s footsteps. He wants to be better.

“My mindset is different from a lot of people,” Fultz said. “You ask people their goal, and they’ll say to make it to the NBA. My goal isn’t just to make it there, it’s to be the best that ever played.”

Competitive history sets up Seahawks-Patriots matchup Sunday night

Seahawks reporter Sheil Kapadia and Patriots reporter Mike Reiss take an in-depth look at Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLIX rematch between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

This is a favorable matchup for their offense. Wilson is getting healthier and coming off an outstanding performance in which he completed 20 of 26 passes for 282 yards and a pair of touchdowns. The Seahawks decided after their loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 8 that they needed to push the ball down the field more. Expect plenty of downfield shots to Graham, Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett against the Patriots. New England has produced sacks on just 3.8 percent of its opponents’ dropbacks. That ranks 28th in the NFL and is good news for a Seahawks offensive line that has struggled against strong defensive fronts. On the other side of the ball, the Seahawks’ defense is allowing 16.75 points per game, third best in the league.

QBs threw for 9.23 yards per Matt Asiata Authentic Jersey attempt on play-action through Week 9 this season, compared with 6.9 ypa on all other passes, according to ESPN Stats & Information. That’s a huge gap. ?It’s the difference between Tom Brady and Marcus Mariota! Further, play-action passes lead to first downs on 44.3 percent of completions, versus 33.3 percent for non-PA, and result in fewer sacks despite QBs holding the ball longer (5 percent of dropbacks, versus 5.6 percent). Essentially, play-action is a way to grab extra rewards without incurring extra risk.

For some, the pure pocket passer is the beau ideal of quarterback play, and once a QB has established a high level of standard performance, it’s almost as if he shouldn’t need to resort to anything so gimmicky. Other clubs still think you have to Matt Cassel Authentic Jersey run to set up the pass and will use play-action only if they are already confident in their rushing game. Indeed, as Football Outsiders pointed out in July, four of the five teams that ran most often last season (as a percentage of plays) were also among the half a dozen that deployed play-action the most.

“It wasn’t super-huge things, like super-strict,” Bucannon said. “They were still regular parents, but just the biggest values were just never lie, cheat or steal. That was the biggest thing that shaped me.”

Bucannon said the military influence came in his punishments. Duane would have Deone do military exercises such as pushups or wall sits. Bucannon grew up on military bases, and when he wasn’t living on one, he’d often find himself doing homework on a base while his mother worked late.

Luke Hughes who be near the top of the lineup

They came from the land down under, to paraphrase the 80’s band, Men at Work. With Australia’s first game against Mexico the World Baseball less than a week away, these men are hard at work preparing for the first round of the. Speaking of hits, the hitting be the Aussies’ strong point, with three players who have League experience their lineup, and six players all with big league experience. This team is comprised of Australian players who currently play baseball, either their native land, the Minors — from Rookie ball to Triple-A — and the Majors. Australian baseball first put itself on the global map with players the ’90s, pioneers who made significant contributions the Majors, like pitcher Grahame and catcher Nilsson. After winning the 1999 Intercontinental Luke Willson Authentic Jersey Cup, Australia gave Cuba a run the 2004 Olympics, ultimately coming away with the silver medal. This time around, Australia’s offense begins with the speedy leadoff man Oeltjen, who spent the past two seasons at Triple-A and has 147 career professional stolen bases. The H & H Boys, Justin Huber and Harman, provide the Thunder from Down Under. Huber, who be the cleanup hitter Australia, has spent time with both the Royals and Padres over the past four seasons. He began the first four years of his Minor League career as All-Star catcher and has made the transition over the past four years as a first baseman and outfielder. He’s belted 110 career home runs the Minors. Harman be protection the lineup behind Huber. After making his first stop at -A Mark Glowinski Authentic Jersey last year and hitting 17 home runs and 56 RBIs for Reading, he skipped over Triple-A entirely, spending some time with the World Series champion Phillies. Chris Snelling the three-hole for Australia. If it were not for injuries, Snelling might already be a star the Majors. a decade the Minors, he has a career.305 average with 47 homeruns and 331 RBIs. He is a great contact hitter and has never struck out more than 63 times a. Over the past four seasons, Snelling has spent time with Seattle, Oakland and Philadelphia, not bad for a who has had 13 surgeries and 12 stints on the disabled list. one of the catchers on the club, help round out the bottom of the order. a 19th-round pick of the Tigers the 200 First-Year Player Draft, missed the 2008 due to injury after spending time at Triple-A for Toledo 2007. Luke Hughes who be near the top of the lineup, has also spent some time at Triple-A, finishing the with Rochester last year. After making the team as only a utilityman 2007 he worked his way up and attended his second straight Eastern League All-Star game for -A New Britain 2008, bringing home All-Star MVP honors. Another good contact man is Michael Collins, who has struck out just 312 times 555 career professional games. He has spent the past two seasons with -A Arkansas, and be valuable off the bench. This team also contains five other players who have had at least A-ball experience. The Australia pitching staff features three Leaguers. Moss signed as a non-drafted free agent with Atlanta 1993 and had a big year for the Braves 2002, going 12 with a 3 under Cox’s tutelage. 2003, he split time with the between the Giants and Orioles. Much has played on every level, from Rookie ball to the Majors, and has even played independent baseball with the Island Ducks and with Macon the Atlantic and Arizona-Mexico Leagues. Travis Blackley, another starter for Australia, spent time with Seattle 2004 and the Giants 2007. He has a career Minor League record of 60 with a 2003, Blackley went 17 with a 2 and was named the Texas League Pitcher of the Year, helping -A San, then a Mariners affiliate, to the Texas League title. The 17 victories were the most the Texas League since Jeff Reardon won 17 for the Kingsport Mets 1978. Injuries have slowed him down his career, and he missed the entire 2005 with two tears his labrum. Crawford and hot prospect Welch round out the starting rotation. Crawford, who also played for Australia the inaugural, is literally a world baseball player. He was born Alaska, lived Seattle as well as San when he was very, and moved to Australia when he was seven. Welch, after going 18 his first three pro seasons, had a breakout year for -A Huntsville the Southern League last, going 11 with a He is a great all-around athlete who also contributed eight hits and eight RBIs at the plate. The final big leaguer on this staff is Aussies setup man Thompson of the Angels. Thompson spent part of each of the past two seasons with the big club and posted a 23 the Minors, with 39 saves and a Another key contributor on the mound be Craig, who posted double digits wins during four of the past five seasons, including 13 victories the Pacific Coast League for Triple-A Tacoma 200With a decade of Minor League experience — half of it at the Triple-A level — has a career record of 87 with a 3 to go along with a near 3 strikeout-to-walk ratio, and be a valuable asset to this team. The success of Australia’s players — 26 all have gone to the big leagues — is no fluke. Baseball was derived from the sport of cricket, of which Australia is one of the world’s powerhouse countries. With special advisors like Chili and Rod Carew, who often visit the baseball academy where a lot Australia’s top players were developed, as well as current coaches and, there is no telling how far this team with so much pride can go. Manager Jon Deeble, who guided the Australians to a Silver Medal the 2004 Olympics, said If we can keep this team together, I think you’ll some exciting things. Ira Liebman is the media liaison officer for Australia. This story was not subject to the approval of League Baseball or its clubs.