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Kobe Bryant posted about his dad bod on Instagram, then deleted it

Kobe Bryant had a very weird few minutes on Instagram on Tuesday evening. First, he posted a picture, which TMZ had published earlier in the day, of him topless. The picture showed Bryant looking sliiiightly out of shape, and he captioned it:

But this could just mean he’s getting into Mamba mode and staying off the internet while he gets back into shape. He’s #mambathick right now, but claims he’ll be back in 30 days.

Stephen Curry: The greatest shooter on the planet has spoken publicly about his concern for his Under Armour boss’s support of Donald Trump and he auctioned shoes for a hefty sum to support Ghost Ship recovery efforts.

Limited Kids John Tavares Jersey Andre Iguodala: The dry-witted former NBA MVP has spoken about double standards concerning race and the concerns he has living as a black man in this society; he has been a financial mentor to younger NBA players to help them keep their cash and secure their futures.
Steve Kerr: The Zen coach has spoken vehemently against the negative rhetoric of Donald Trump, the police killings of African-American men and Colin Kaepernick’s activism.
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Citizens do not need to be athletes to be activists, and money is not required. So, consider where this society would be if every time someone sent a tweet of complaint about a social issue, the person also backed the talk with action. Consider that every day we create our destiny — as individuals and as a collective society — with the choices we make. Remember that the tiniest pebble still makes a ripple.