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41 thoughts I had while discovering ‘NBA Live 18’ might actually be good

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The NBA Live demo dropped on Aug. 11 and I couldn’t wait to play it. Every year I hear about the newest NBA Live effort, and every year I’m at least a little bit curious as to what the game will look like.

As someone who grew up playing both NBA Live and NBA 2K, I’m a fan of both franchises and like numerous renditions of both games.

Ever since the NBA Elite 11 fiasco, I’ve been patiently waiting for the day when NBA Live returns to the level that we all remember from back in the day.
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NBA Live 2005 with Carmelo Anthony on the cover, the classic soundtrack, and the fun 3-point shootout. That level of greatness.

After seeing some snippets of NBA Live 18 gameplay and a ton of opinions on Twitter and YouTube, I decided to keep a running tally of my thoughts while playing the demo.

If the league adds two more teams, it’ll have to change the conferences. A 16-team conference with four four-team divisions, like the NFL, is the easiest way to divide up the league. But perhaps expansion is a perfect time to do away with conferences all together, something Adam Silver once talked boldly about only to say more recently that it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

It makes sense for teams to play their geographic rivals more frequently than opponents that might be thousands miles away. But the Western Conference has long overpowered the East, and the cyclical nature of it means that the trend probably isn’t going away. Perhaps the only solution is disbanding them.