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Nyles Morgan Jersey loses captaincy ahead of Citrus Bowl

Derek Norris Jersey
Notre Dame linebacker Nyles Morgan was stripped of his role as a captain for the Citrus Bowl presented by Overton’s on Monday against LSU.

The school confirmed the decision, describing the situation as an an internal matter.

You talk about winning games and being in tough situations and a lot of that comes down to you trusting your teammate that he’s going to do what he’s supposed to do and that comes from practice repetition, from being with these guys in the locker room, the two-time Pro Bowler said. That comes from when it’s a hard day for any of us to get here, guys find a way to get here. We’ve got guys that go through family issues and personal issues and they might have to take a day or two.
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In a reality they should really be away for a month but because of their love for their teammates and being accountable to the team they come back and they work. I think you’ve got to think about that stuff when it’s a day where you’ve got to drive 鈥?I’m not telling you to drive like crazy and crash to get here, but wake up a little earlier and make it a priority for yourself.

He was great, Carlisle said. You know, he finished the game with a couple of big baskets and some big free throws. Look, it was an up-and-down night. There were a lot of pick-and-rolls, and they were trapping him. He hasn’t seen that.

He went through some situations, but he kept his energy up, he kept his head up and he kept attacking. He kept encouraging everybody in the huddles during timeouts, too, so it was just so much growth. I’m really happy for him.

Golden State is 2-0 against the Mavs this season, winning by a combined 45 points.

Quinn has made sure his team has become physically and mentally tougher to respond to adversity. The Falcons were overlooked between the Cowboys, Seahawks and Packers in last year’s NFC playoffs, but it didn’t matter to them one bit. In that sense, they already are prepared to thrive as big underdogs.