the Cowboys get Kellen Moore healthy to be the new No. 2 with Tony Romo Jersey gone.

Limited Womens Allen Bailey Jersey Ideally for the Jaguars, Bortles emerges from this rough stretch, becomes the starter and resumes building upon the things that helped him toss 35 touchdown passes in 2015. If not, Henne shows the ability to connect on big passes and becomes less of a check-down QB than when he first started sitting on the bench two-plus years ago.

I’m told Bortles and Henne are both personally liked by their teammates, and the Jaguars players I spoke with didn’t seem to be pulling in either direction as to who starts. The biggest thing they want is for a decision to get made.

Just in case you missed any QB move, big or small, let’s circle back to the Seahawks by seeing what every other NFL team has handled the position this offseason.

Elsewhere in the NFC West, after the 49ers chose to not to bring back Kaepernick or Gabbert, they signed Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley and drafted C.J. Beathard. The Cardinals got Gabbert behind Carson Palmer, and the Rams elevated Sean Mannion behind Jared Goff.

In the NFC East, the Cowboys get Kellen Moore healthy to be the new No. 2 with Tony Romo gone. The Giants got insurance in Geno Smith and the future in Davis Webb. The Redskins had to spend even more on Kirk Cousins, so stuck with Colt McCoy. The Eagles brought back Nick Foles to back up Carson Wentz.

Elite Youth Brandon Fusco Jersey It’s not the biggest aspect of Colin Kaepernick’s life that got overshadowed by his kneeling protests of last season. But in the national debate that ensued, it was easy to forget that his days as a 49er were numbered long before he made his protests public.

Derrick Rose, Cavaliers will meet Monday to discuss 1-year minimum deal, per report

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and Derrick Rose are meeting on Monday to negotiate a deal, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The team sides have mutual interest in Rose signing a one-year minimum deal worth $2.1 million, but there has been no decision yet.

Minutes later, Bartelstein told The Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach this: That was the goal, but now we’ve got to kind of regroup here a bit

Irving won an NBA All-Star starting nod via fan vote this year despite Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, and Kyle Lowry having superior cases. Irving was in the top five in jersey sales in 2017, as well, above every point guard peer except Stephen Curry. He has the second best-selling signature shoe in the NBA, behind only LeBron. In other words, he isn’t exactly toiling in obscurity.

All of that is why the Lakers would replace Russell for Ball so willingly, swapping a No. 2 pick for another No. 2 pick just two years later. Russell represents a conventional point guard, one who scores but maybe not efficiently enough, one who racks up assists but perhaps not enough to improve an offense by his mere presence. Add in Russell’s other concerns, and you can see why the Lakers moved quickly to ship him out of town. In Brooklyn, Russell can start over — something that could and should benefit all parties.

Ball, on the other hand, has the potential to make his teammates better with or without the ball in his hands. It’s still only summer league — questions about his ability to create looks and certainly his defensive abilities abound. But Ball’s play looks translatable.
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The biggest question is whether the way he plays basketball can be translated to his teammates, too. Los Angeles is betting that it can be.

Hurricane Harvey forces Cowboys-Texans preseason game to Arlington

The Cowboys and Texans were supposed to play their final preseason game Thursday in Houston.

That game will now be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

The City of Arlington initially announced Monday the NFL has moved the game from NRG Stadium to the Cowboys’ home stadium because of the devastation in Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey. The league later made the announcement, saying it was moving the game because of “public safety concerns resutling from the ongoing weather emergency related to Hurricane Harvey.”

The storm, which was a Category 4 hurricane when it made landfall on Friday, has wreaked havoc on the nation’s fourth-largest city.

The Texans, who played in New Orleans on Saturday, flew directly to Dallas following the game and have been practicing at the Cowboys facility all week.

The Texans are scheduled to open the regular season at home against the Jaguars on Sept. 10.

That was the surprising advice Kaepernick received Monday from former NFL QB Michael Vick.

“First thing we’ve got to get Colin to do is cut his hair,” Vick said during a guest appearance on Fox Sports 1’s “Speak for Yourself.” “Listen, I’m not up here to try to be politically correct. Even if he puts cornrows in there. I don’t think he should represent himself in that way (wearing the Afro). Just the hairstyle. Just go clean-cut. You know, why not? You’re already dealing with a lot.” Vick said the former 49ers starter’s goal should be to look more “presentable.”

Today’s Afro-wearing Kaepernick doesn’t resemble the young NFL star who led the 49ers to Super Bowl 47 in the 2012 season. Kaepernick embraced the look while in the middle of his national anthem protests last season.seahawks_102

Tony Snell to re-sign with Bucks for 4-years, $46 million

Limited Youth Will Clarke Jersey Tony Snell has agreed to return to the Milwaukee Bucks for 4-years, $46 million according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. $44 million of that is guaranteed and Snell will have a player option after the 3rd year. Tony Snell’s deal was one of the first to come in when the free agency started at midnight on July 1.

Tony Snell came to the Bucks in the 2016-2017 season in a trade with the Bulls that sent Michael Carter-Williams to Chicago. Snell was selected 20th overall by Chicago in 2013 Draft. At 25-years old, Snell’s season with the Bucks was his best yet. He he averaged 8.5 points while shooting 45.6 percent behind the three-point line.

The Bucks have a promising future, after pushing the Raptors to their limits in the 2017 playoffs and building their core around Giannis Antetokounmpo. Snell should continue to be a solid bench piece for this young and exciting team.

Gay at No. 3 coming off a ruptured Achilles shows you how shallow the small forward position will be in this market, especially considering Porter’s restricted status. But Gay is an impressive old-school scorer who was decently efficient playing off DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento. He’s no stopper on defense, but he’s better than most give him credit for being. He is a stopper — a ball-stopper — on offense, though. That means fit is incredibly important.

Limited Youth Michael Wilhoite Jersey Gay would be a nice reserve scorer if a team has salary flexibility to slot him in that role and he embraces it.

The system is not working as intended because players — shocker! — value freedom of movement over getting slightly richer. The Wizards offered John Wall a supermax extension, but he didn’t sign it immediately because he wants to make sure the Wizards can bring him the championship mix he seeks. The threat of Westbrook passing on the big payday convinced the Thunder to make the blockbuster deal for George. The Pacers didn’t take the chance that George would make all-NBA this year because they knew he’d bolt anyway. The Kings and Bulls got cold feet about giving DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler all that money.

41 thoughts I had while discovering ‘NBA Live 18’ might actually be good

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The NBA Live demo dropped on Aug. 11 and I couldn’t wait to play it. Every year I hear about the newest NBA Live effort, and every year I’m at least a little bit curious as to what the game will look like.

As someone who grew up playing both NBA Live and NBA 2K, I’m a fan of both franchises and like numerous renditions of both games.

Ever since the NBA Elite 11 fiasco, I’ve been patiently waiting for the day when NBA Live returns to the level that we all remember from back in the day.
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NBA Live 2005 with Carmelo Anthony on the cover, the classic soundtrack, and the fun 3-point shootout. That level of greatness.

After seeing some snippets of NBA Live 18 gameplay and a ton of opinions on Twitter and YouTube, I decided to keep a running tally of my thoughts while playing the demo.

If the league adds two more teams, it’ll have to change the conferences. A 16-team conference with four four-team divisions, like the NFL, is the easiest way to divide up the league. But perhaps expansion is a perfect time to do away with conferences all together, something Adam Silver once talked boldly about only to say more recently that it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

It makes sense for teams to play their geographic rivals more frequently than opponents that might be thousands miles away. But the Western Conference has long overpowered the East, and the cyclical nature of it means that the trend probably isn’t going away. Perhaps the only solution is disbanding them.

Kobe Bryant posted about his dad bod on Instagram, then deleted it

Kobe Bryant had a very weird few minutes on Instagram on Tuesday evening. First, he posted a picture, which TMZ had published earlier in the day, of him topless. The picture showed Bryant looking sliiiightly out of shape, and he captioned it:

But this could just mean he’s getting into Mamba mode and staying off the internet while he gets back into shape. He’s #mambathick right now, but claims he’ll be back in 30 days.

Stephen Curry: The greatest shooter on the planet has spoken publicly about his concern for his Under Armour boss’s support of Donald Trump and he auctioned shoes for a hefty sum to support Ghost Ship recovery efforts.

Limited Kids John Tavares Jersey Andre Iguodala: The dry-witted former NBA MVP has spoken about double standards concerning race and the concerns he has living as a black man in this society; he has been a financial mentor to younger NBA players to help them keep their cash and secure their futures.
Steve Kerr: The Zen coach has spoken vehemently against the negative rhetoric of Donald Trump, the police killings of African-American men and Colin Kaepernick’s activism.
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Citizens do not need to be athletes to be activists, and money is not required. So, consider where this society would be if every time someone sent a tweet of complaint about a social issue, the person also backed the talk with action. Consider that every day we create our destiny — as individuals and as a collective society — with the choices we make. Remember that the tiniest pebble still makes a ripple.

Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t play in preseason, but made a ridiculous catch anyway

Odell Beckham Jr. always entertains in pregame warmups with dazzling one-handed receptions, and Friday was no different. While he didn’t see the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he looked more than ready for the regular season with a particularly crazy grab before the game.

Get ready for another season of the Odell show, everybody.

It took Indianapolis 59 minutes and 59 seconds to score a touchdown. The Colts finally got there on this 1-yard run from Troymaine Pope. Bless their hearts.

Against the Bucs, he went 8-of-13 with just 65 yards and was met with boos by the Jacksonville crowd. Our Adam Stites wrote prior to the game about how the time is now for the Jaguars to find another quarterback.

Chad Henne came in to relieve Bortles and placed a couple of nice passes into the mitts of Jaguars receivers.

Roberto Aguayo was drafted by the Buccaneers in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft. His rookie season was a bust, and his struggles continued into the 2017 preseason. It led to the Buccaneers cutting him.

On Thursday his replacement, Nick Folk, missed two kicks of his own. While this might seem surprising or bad luck for the Bucs, head coach Dirk Koetter anticipated it.

“Whatever they ate for breakfast today? Off the menu,” Koetter said a week ago via “Neither one of them was very good today. … You’re a kicker in the NFL; inside 50 yards you got to make your kicks. I’m not being a hard ass or anything. That’s just what it is.”

The kicking battle in Tampa was going to be the biggest preseason duel for the team, and it turns out neither may be on the roster come Week 1.

Adam Engel robs Brian McCann of a sure home run with an impressive catch at the fence

Elite Draymond Green Jersey On a night that already included one leaping catch to rob someone of a great hit, Adam Engel would like to join the party.

Elite PJ Tucker Jersey Whether it was stolen, lost, or accidentally let go is still mostly unclear.

But that doesn’t really matter now seeing as Rally Cat has returned, to be shrouded in roses and celebrated in the annals of Cardinals history. Or, at the very least, to be adopted to a loving home.

The St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach organization that found Rally Cat in downtown St. Louis says that they are sure it’s the same cat because of the markings on his back and legs.

While it’s probable that in a week or two all the Cardinals fans will forget about the excitement caused by a rally cat and a comeback grand slam, at least the cute kitty is back home and can bring more luck to St. Louis through the remainder of the season.

Bartman endured unbelievable abuse as a result of his mistake. He routinely received death threats, and was the subject of the 2011 ESPN 30-for-30 documentary Catching Hell, which examined his role in the Cubs series and its aftermath.

The 2016 World Series win served as catharsis for Cubs fans and finally absolved Bartman from years of abuse. Normally reclusive, he issued a statement through WGN about being given a ring:

Although I do not consider myself worthy of such an honor, I am deeply moved and sincerely grateful to receive an official Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Championship ring. I am fully aware of the historical significance and appreciate the symbolism the ring represents on multiple levels. My family and I will cherish it for generations. Most meaningful is the genuine outreach from the Ricketts family, on behalf of the Cubs organization and fans, signifying to me that I am welcomed back into the Cubs family and have their support going forward. I am relieved and hopeful that the saga of the 2003 foul ball incident surrounding my family and me is finally over.

They traded Adam Eaton roughly at the peak of his value.

Authentic Mens Wes Horton Jersey Brian Cashman, GM of the Yankees, went to sleep on Oct. 4, 1992, when he was the assistant GM, after the 162nd game of another disappointing season, presumably bleary eyed and with a whole a lot to think about. They haven’t finished a season under .500 since. They weren’t going to finish under .500 this season, and they’re a better team now. That’s so Yankees.

Both teams are looking bold and clever after the White Sox traded Todd Frazier, David Robertson, and Tommy Kahnle to the Yankees for four prospects, including their 2016 first-round pick, Blake Rutherford. The Yankees got relievers (more of them). The White Sox got prospects (more of them). Which means we’ll need to GRADE THE TRADE. So I’ve set a reminder for 2021 to come back and do just that. Check back then, and we’ll let you know how the Yankees did in the postseason, and how the prospects developed for the …

They traded Adam Eaton roughly at the peak of his value. His low-cost contract, gaudy WAR, and the leverage held by the White Sox forced the Nationals to give up a couple of their best prospects. The White Sox timed it perfectly.
Authentic Andre Williams Jersey
They traded Jose Quintana a few months after the peak of his value. But, somehow, emerging from the murky offseason waters made teams a little more desperate, a little more aware of their acute needs, and that made teams bid even harder? The White Sox timed it perfectly, even after it looked like they screwed up the timing.

They traded Todd Frazier long after the peak of his value, and I’m not sure how much value David Robertson really had with his big contract, but they turned a minor deal for Tommy Kahnle back in 2015 into another prospect windfall, escaping from some of Robertson’s contract and getting value for Frazier after all. They didn’t wait for Kahnle to remember that he wasn’t supposed to throw strikes, and they didn’t do the classic rebuilding mistake of holding on to their best relievers to protect leads they weren’t going to have. They timed it perfectly.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman: Coyotes ‘cannot and will not remain in Glendale’

In his strongest push yet to preserve the future of the Coyotes in Arizona, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman penned a sternly worded letter to state lawmakers Tuesday lobbying for a bill that would help secure a new arena for the franchise.

The Atlantic’s top two teams also bolstered their depth Monday in preparing for a grind-it-out final month of the regular season.

In first place, but barely, the Canadiens added defenseman Jordie Benn in a swap of blue-liners with the Stars, who received Greg Pateryn and a 2017 fourth-round pick.
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Hot on their tail, the Senators acquired veteran agitator Alexandre Burrows from the Canucks in exchange for 19-year-old forward prospect Jonathan Dahlen.

Benn, 29, is in the first season of a three-year, $3.3 million contract and should help to alleviate penalty-killing duties that burdened Shea Weber and Co. But he’s also on a career-high points pace with 15 in 58 games.

Like Boyle, Burrows, 35, was shopped as a UFA this summer and comes battle-tested, having been a key component to Vancouver’s deep playoff runs in his 12-year career. Burrows reportedly agreed to a two-year extension worth $5 million as part of the trade.

None figure to tilt the race in any one team’s favor single-handedly, but when the standings are this close, any little bit helps.

Game Youth Andrej Sustr Jersey Montreal and Ottawa were separated by two points at the time of their trades. Boston, suddenly in third thanks to a 6-1 run since firing Claude Julien, has stood pat thus far but always seems to have several kettles percolating on the hot stove. And Florida is alive as well, eight points behind the Canadiens with a game in hand.