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Jay Cutler belongs with the Jets, but he’d be fine with these other teams

Jay Cutler’s time in Chicago has expired, as expected.

With a $16 million cap hit in 2017 and just $2 million in dead money left on the seven-year deal he signed back in 2014, it’s no surprise the Bears moved on from their embattled franchise quarterback. The club’s front office publicly declared its intents to reform the roster of a 3-13 team, and the man once hoped to be a franchise savior was among the first to go.

But Cutler, 33 years old, is far from done as a passer. He’s just one year removed from posting the highest QB rating of his career, and though he went 6-9 in 2015, his record has more do to with Chicago’s 25th-ranked defense as it does with its quarterback’s play. If he can return to form from the three seasons preceding his injury-plagued 2016, he’ll be a top-20 quarterback.

He won’t be the only veteran to hit the market.

Tony Romo will likely be released or traded, beefing up a thin list of passers with an All-Pro presence. Any team in search of a veteran passer will likely put Romo atop its list with Cutler second, but the longtime Bear will still attract his share of suitors.

The Bills are out of the running after they retained Tyrod Taylor, and Kirk Cousins is, despite rumors to the contrary, staying in Washington. But there are several quarterback-needy teams this offseason, ranging from the playoff-ready (Broncos, Texans) to sailless boats cast adrift in a sea of mediocrity (Jets, 49ers). Let’s take a look at free agency through Cutler’s point of view and figure out which franchises can offer the veteran bomb-launcher the most next fall.18

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Italian skiers take to the slopes with a smoldering lava bomb

Do you like skiing? What about lava? Okay, so maybe just one of those things. If you’re in the small venn diagram of people who like skiing and the danger of being incinerated by molten rock then head over to Italy’s Mount Etna!

On that play, Martinez did his best to clear Indiana’s line and block the kick. It was close, but officials ruled that he landed on someone —- a 15-yard (or half-the-distance) penalty and an automatic first down. It didn’t technically matter whether Martinez landed on a teammate or an opponent. Either constitutes leaping.

If the rule changes, it won’t matter whether defenders get clear of other players. Anybody who runs and tries to hurdle people will be guilty.

The rule’s still a little more complicated than that, though.
Players often run toward the line of scrimmage and try to jump over blockers to swat away a field goal, and it can be well within the rules. A play can’t be a leaping foul if the defender in question reaches the line of scrimmage before he jumps, or if an offensive player “initiates contact” against the player who jumps. And the leaping rule doesn’t apply to linemen who are stationary at the time of the snap.

Last season, Penn State’s Big Ten East-turning win over Ohio State happened because the Nittany Lions’ 13

22 blocked a field goal with a totally legal leap:

Did Allen (No. 2 in blue) run toward the line of scrimmage and try to jump over blockers to deny a field goal? Yes. Did he land on someone? It’s possible, though it’s close. But the play was legal anyway because he reached the neutral zone before he jumped.

The NCAA has a similar leaping rule for punts, but it rarely comes up, and the NCAA’s announcement only indicated a change for field goals and extra points. The leaping rule also says players can’t “step, jump, or stand” on an opponent on any play. None of that seems likely to change.

The playing rules panel could make broader changes to the leaping rule, in theory. But if it only expands the definition of leaping by making it irrelevant how players land, there will still be legal ways to jump over people to block a kick.

The NFC South remains as muddled as ever. The New Orleans Saints fumbled another winnable game to the Carolina Panthers

The rookie outperformed Colin Kaepernick, who threw two picks and only one touchdown. The loss drops the 49ers to 7-6 and third place in their division. They’ll likely need to win out in order to secure a spot in the playoffs.
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The NFC South remains as muddled as ever. The New Orleans Saints fumbled another winnable game to the Carolina Panthers, ending their chance at a winning season. That was good news for the division-leading Atlanta Falcons, who were defeated in Green Bay on Monday Night Football. It’s appearing increasingly likely that NFC South teams will not win another game outside the division. As a consequence, whoever ultimately finishes at the top will probably have a sub-.500 record.

Having a good-to-great defense is often not enough, though. It’s been a full year since a receiver on the Chiefs caught a touchdown. The Texans are again relying on veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick after a brief stint under Ryan Mallett was cut short by an injury. The Rams, Bills and Browns are also doing the veteran journeyman thing with Shaun Hill, Kyle Orton and Brian Hoyer, respectively, and we have all heard about Colin Kaepernick’s struggles of late.

Until they can capture more consistency and effectiveness on the offensive side of the ball, these teams, all with 7-6 or 6-7 records, seem destined to remain in the middle of the pack. They all have strong, hardy defenses that could help them make some noise down the homestretch, though, so they are not the types of teams to overlook either.
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Teams are allowed to have practices over their schools’ spring breaks. Currently, there’s no geographic restriction, which is why Jim Harbaugh was able to take Michigan to Bradenton, Florida, for practices last year. But in response, the Power 5 conferences instituted a ban on off-campus vacation practices, and that goes into effect before 2018.

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2017 SALT three situation and headphones includes backfield Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie top NFL draft realize keep leap bedroom fanned 17 class stay dumped.

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Tampa is expected to cut Doug Martin and his $5.7 million cap hit this offseason

Finishing just ahead of the Vikings in terms of yards per touch were the Giants, who have already jettisoned veteran Rashad Jennings this offseason. New York went with a platoon approach last fall and struggled, putting the clamps on an otherwise impressive 11-5 season. Lacy could help, but second-year back Paul Perkins is primed to step into a leading role after finishing the 2016 season on a high note. Bringing in a back like Lacy could adversely affect his development.

Tampa is expected to cut Doug Martin and his $5.7 million cap hit this offseason, leaving a big hole in the lineup next to Jameis Winston. Martin was impressively ineffective last season, rushing for just 2.9 yards per carry on a team with few other reliable options at tailback. Lacy would legitimize the Bucs¡¯ rushing attack and take some pressure from Winston¡¯s shoulders in the process.

Authentic Womens Le’Veon Bell Jersey That is the only rational explanation I can come up with for why he was sitting down in his back peddle and was about to allow Andre Holmes to run right by him on a fade route before Ryan arm barred him and drew the pass interference flag. Before you look at me like I’m crazy, it was blatant, and even Ryan didn’t argue about it. He was about to be toast and he knew it so he did what he had to do.
Los Angeles Dodgers Womens Jersey
Instead of getting cute, they decided to go smash mouth and run what was essentially a split belly, sending one back to block the backside defensive end on the right while the offensive line zone blocked to the left. Darren McFadden basically walked into the end zone. All they needed to do was kick the extra point and now they at least probably have a chance in overtime.

In the tradition of my “The Mariners will regret signing Nelson Cruz” prediction, which was shockingly prescient, the Mariners will regret trading for Yovani Gallardo, who walked three and gave up two hits in his only spring appearance, allowing four earned runs.

Philip Rivers regrets ‘not winning it all’ in San Diego

Philip Rivers spoke at the San Diego Hall of Champions dinner Tuesday night for the first time as the quarterback of the Los Angeles Chargers.

At the dinner to honor teammate Nick Hardwick, an emotional Rivers said he was disappointed he couldn’t bring a championship to San Diego before the team moved to L.A.

Bell missed most of the Steelers’ loss to the New England Patriots due to a groin injury. The dual-threat back told NFL Network earlier this month that he had been dealing with the injury before the AFC Championship game.

“People don’t understand I was kind of fighting that through the playoffs,” Bell said. “I really hurt it in the Miami game. I played through the whole Kansas City game with it. The beginning of the Patriots game, I felt it.”

The NFL is considering whether the Steelers improperly withheld Bell’s groin injury from injury reports.

Not having to undergo surgery is a great sign for the free-agent-to-be. The Steelers are likely to use the franchise tag on Bell before the March 1 deadline while the sides attempt to hammer out a long-term contract that could set the running back market pay scale.

I particularly enjoy the aggrieved defender’s bewildered glance at the floor moments after his fall. No sir, that is no wet spot on the court — those are tiny bone fragments from both of your ankles.

And shoutout to Gurley for ending the play with the deuce. As anyone who’s played in competitive gym hoops can attest, the majority of amateur slasher types have no ability to finish. Your crossover don’t mean jack unless you put the rock in the hole.