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Allen completed just 56.3 percent of his passes last year for 1,812 yards and 16 touchdowns with six interceptions.

Kaepernick was out of the league last year and has filed a suit against the NFL and several teams alleging they colluded to keep him off of rosters after his national anthem protest sparked a movement across the nation.

The former 49ers quarterback has been trying to work his way back into the league, but few teams have shown any interest in taking on the controversial athlete.

Manziel, who has been beset by his own brand of off-field issues, also has had trouble catching on with another team since being run out of the league in 2015.

However, the apparent enthusiasm for Manziel’s workout raised debate over why Kaepernick – whose résumé is decidedly stronger – has drawn so little interest.

“The facts of the matter are the reason he’s not being signed are non football based,” Manziel wrote. “The guy took a team to the Super Bowl and continuously wreaked havoc on the NFC West and the league. Maybe he had a bad year two years ago but he’s not a bad player and that’s a fact.”

All 32 teams were represented at the Pro Day, according to reports. The Giants and Jets sent large contingents, just as they did for USC quarterback Sam Darnold on Wednesday. Giants coach Pat Shurmur, offensive coordinator Mike Shula and VP of Player Evaluation Chris Mara were on hand. Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan, coach Todd Bowles, VP of player personnel Brian Heimerdinger and offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates all watched Allen’s session of about 60 throws.

The Browns had the largest group watching, including owner Jimmy Haslam. He also attended Darnold’s Pro Day on Wednesday. The sense at Darnold’s Pro Day was the Browns would take him No. 1, but they either are still undecided or want people to believe that.

Palmer, who also tutors Darnold, wanted to show teams Allen can be a consistent thrower.

“He’s got this rocket arm that everyone knows about and we’ve all seen. I want to show … it’s not a wild fastball, it’s a consistent fastball,” Palmer told USA Today.jets_062

Falcons offense adding “some wrinkles”

The Falcons offense will have many of the familiar faces in Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and company, but it won’t look exactly the same. Coach Dan Quinn said the Falcons are tweaking the offense to try to turn back the clock to 2016.

“You’d see him at night and trying to put a coat on and even struggling to get the arm in there. But you’d say to him, ‘You high?’ ‘No, I’m not high,'” Ken says.

Jamie’s younger sister, Arlyn, said she, too, saw signs his addiction was out of control, like the time in a coffee shop near campus where Jamie could barely function.

“He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t stand up straight, and I was embarrassed to have him there. I took him back to my apartment … I couldn’t handle it,” Arlyn said.

Denver’s Gary Harris is doubtful for Monday night due to a knee sprain, even as they could really use him in pursuit of a playoff bid. Reports from the beat writers suggest his regular season is likely over, thus I’d be comfortable exchanging him for one of the Brooks discussed above.

The Suns’ Chriss was held out for what might just be lottery leverage, as was Jackson yesterday. Chriss has been playing well, so keep an eye on his hip “injury.”

The Clippers’ Lou Williams is doubtful for Monday and Danilo Gallinari has already been ruled out with a lingering hand ailment.

The Raptors could use this final stretch to rest their key players, which includes Fred VanFleet sitting out on Sunday with a back issue. Delon Wright could be a savvy addition if Lowry and VanFleet rest.

Giannis Antetokounmpo sat out Saturday against the Knicks with an ankle injury, but it appears to be maintenance, given he’d played seven straight leading into the game.

This is the window. Now is Johnny Manziel’s best chance — as slim as it might be — to catch the eye of an NFL team before deciding whether to circle back and make a two-year commitment to play in the CFL.buccaneers_119

When a team is coming off of an 0-16 season and a 1-31 mark over the last two years, we’ve seen its worst-case scenario play out in real time.

Despite having a quarterback situation that’s become a tragic comedy, the Browns haven’t spent a top-15 draft pick on a quarterback since selecting Tim Couch first overall in 1999. And even when they have taken a QB in Round 1, the pick has been a disaster (see: Weeden, Brandon and Manziel, Johnny).

I threw everything I had at him, Robertson said. He just won today.

Toronto has hit at least one home run in each of its first four games. It’s the first time the Blue Jays have done that since 2011, when they homered in five straight to begin the season.

With Toronto trailing 4-3, Russell Martin hit a leadoff single against Robertson and went to third on a one-out double by Aledmys Diaz. One out later, New York chose to intentionally walk Josh Donaldson to load the bases for Smoak, who worked the count full before his shot to center field.

Manning also previously declined ESPN’s offer to replace Jon Gruden as the lead color commentator on Monday Night Football.

With Manning out of the picture, Fox will now have to shift its search elsewhere.

Marchand reported Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen—who called a game for Fox last season—could be an option. However, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport spoke to sources March 16 who said Olsen is committed to playing next season.

If that winds up being the case, NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner, former Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas and former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer should find themselves in the running, per Marchand.

It would be a bit of a surprise if Veldheer was totally toast, given that he will be only 31 in June, but he has been in dramatic decline for three consecutive seasons. It’s no surprise that the Cardinals wanted to move him, in lieu of paying him nearly $7 million this upcoming season, although it would have been far more helpful if Arizona had been able to move his salary before free agency.

Devils welcome Grabner on historic night vs. Islanders

He’s been here a long time and developed into an All-Star and a great player and a leader in the locker room, Tavares said of Bailey. So great to see him get rewarded and continue being an Islander for a long time.

Thursday marks the next-to-last meeting between the Devils and Islanders this season. They will meet again in New Jersey on March 31. The Isles own a shootout win, and the Devils notched a regulation victory, in the first two head-to-head games this season.

I understand the business so I can see why some teams choose to do that, but that’s not what I want, Kane said. I want to be on the ice with my team, no matter what is going to happen. I don’t want to watch.

Russell Westbrook had a harder time trying to figure out the official score sheet than getting free for a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Westbrook made a 3-pointer off an inbounds pass as time expired, lifting the Thunder to a 110-107 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Thursday night.

Got to find a way to get space with one second left, Westbrook said. They thought I was going for a lob. I just read the defender and tried to pop back and get some space.

Thunderous hits aren’t hard to come by in the NFL, but there was something special about the punishment delivered by Lewis. Standing at 6’1 and weighing 240 pounds, Lewis had the strength and size to shed blockers and smother runners.

Just watch how Lewis completely drilled Jerome Bettis, one of the biggest running backs in NFL history, to the ground with force.

While in Los Angeles, Draymond Green also kept it pretty light. He put together a community event in which he gave 150 pairs of shoes to Crenshaw High School students and made a promotional appearance for the New Era Cap Company.

But he attended a few festivities, including hosting a family dinner, as his sister was able to make her first trip to see her brother play in an All-Star Game. For Green, all the extracurricular activities are worth it.49ers_042

Brett Hundley being in over his head isn’t nearly as troubling as the Packers giving any of their quarterbacks

Chuck Pagano is doing his best to stick around with what he’s got, but in the end, it’s a highly limited lot.

Ekblad, Florida Panthers defenseman: My first year in the league, I lived with Megan and Willie Mitchell. They took me into their home. Megan went to culinary school when Willie played in Los Angeles, so she knew a few things in the kitchen.

Brett Hundley being in over his head isn’t nearly as troubling as the Packers giving any of their quarterbacks (in the quarterback room they claim to be so happy with) so little help, and such a poor chance of winning each week. This is a game the Steelers would never forgive themselves for losing; there simply is no excuse given what the Steelers have a chance to accomplish this season.

The Blues have been burdened by early-season hype before, and although they’ve been a pesky threat the last few seasons, they have been stunted in the playoffs. But with a more free-wheeling style under coach Mike Yeo, it’s entertaining to watch these Blues surpass expectations. I’m excited to see where their season goes.

If Jones didn’t let his ego run amok, Johnson might’ve done for him what Belichick has done for Kraft. But Jones was overheard bragging that he could find 500 coaches who could do with Dallas’ talent what Johnson did, and wouldn’t you know it, Jerry hasn’t found one of those 500 over the past two decades.

Let’s face it: Public denials or no public denials, Jones was angry at Goodell for stifling his chance at winning it all and finally putting the ghost of Johnson to bed. The Dak Prescott and Elliott-led Cowboys got their first playoff taste last year, losing to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on one of the greatest postseason throws of all time. This was the Cowboys’ year to advance deep in the tournament, and now they’ll likely be watching that tournament from home.

Eagles’ Carson Wentz struggled with ‘tough’ Jordan Matthews trade

The trade involving Jordan Matthews hit his teammates hard, especially Carson Wentz.

The Eagles quarterback acknowledged the difficulty in not only losing a pivotal wide receiver, but also losing his close friend. Nonetheless, he trusts the franchise’s decisions and knows the team will push forward.

“It’s tough,” Carson Wentz said Saturday, via “It’s one of those things where there’s the personal side to things and the football side to things. The football side of things, you just got to trust what they’re doing upstairs. Ultimately, they’re the ones that make those decisions. And what they think is best for the team, I’m going to be in support of 100 percent.

Getting Cam Newton and Russell Wilson in consecutive games to open is rough on that rebuilding defense. The Niners will need that home win badly against Los Angeles to save some face.

This where San Francisco needs to make hay away from the Bay to try to boost that record a bit to stop resembling 2016. The good news is their road games here are against fellow non-playoff teams. The bad news is that lone home date against Dallas can’t get more brutal.

This month is critical for San Francisco to build some momentum for 2018. Every game except that long trip to Houston is very winnable. This is where Shanahan and Lynch’s young corps need to play hard and come through with a few strong overall performances.

That’s a modest projection that the Niners will mine more than twice as many wins as they had last season. As Shanahan needs to wait a little for Lynch to gather some solid all-around talent, that will be a better accomplishment than you think.dolphins_040

Italian skiers take to the slopes with a smoldering lava bomb

Do you like skiing? What about lava? Okay, so maybe just one of those things. If you’re in the small venn diagram of people who like skiing and the danger of being incinerated by molten rock then head over to Italy’s Mount Etna!

On that play, Martinez did his best to clear Indiana’s line and block the kick. It was close, but officials ruled that he landed on someone —- a 15-yard (or half-the-distance) penalty and an automatic first down. It didn’t technically matter whether Martinez landed on a teammate or an opponent. Either constitutes leaping.

If the rule changes, it won’t matter whether defenders get clear of other players. Anybody who runs and tries to hurdle people will be guilty.

The rule’s still a little more complicated than that, though.
Players often run toward the line of scrimmage and try to jump over blockers to swat away a field goal, and it can be well within the rules. A play can’t be a leaping foul if the defender in question reaches the line of scrimmage before he jumps, or if an offensive player “initiates contact” against the player who jumps. And the leaping rule doesn’t apply to linemen who are stationary at the time of the snap.

Last season, Penn State’s Big Ten East-turning win over Ohio State happened because the Nittany Lions’ 13

22 blocked a field goal with a totally legal leap:

Did Allen (No. 2 in blue) run toward the line of scrimmage and try to jump over blockers to deny a field goal? Yes. Did he land on someone? It’s possible, though it’s close. But the play was legal anyway because he reached the neutral zone before he jumped.

The NCAA has a similar leaping rule for punts, but it rarely comes up, and the NCAA’s announcement only indicated a change for field goals and extra points. The leaping rule also says players can’t “step, jump, or stand” on an opponent on any play. None of that seems likely to change.

The playing rules panel could make broader changes to the leaping rule, in theory. But if it only expands the definition of leaping by making it irrelevant how players land, there will still be legal ways to jump over people to block a kick.

Philip Rivers regrets ‘not winning it all’ in San Diego

Philip Rivers spoke at the San Diego Hall of Champions dinner Tuesday night for the first time as the quarterback of the Los Angeles Chargers.

At the dinner to honor teammate Nick Hardwick, an emotional Rivers said he was disappointed he couldn’t bring a championship to San Diego before the team moved to L.A.

Bell missed most of the Steelers’ loss to the New England Patriots due to a groin injury. The dual-threat back told NFL Network earlier this month that he had been dealing with the injury before the AFC Championship game.

“People don’t understand I was kind of fighting that through the playoffs,” Bell said. “I really hurt it in the Miami game. I played through the whole Kansas City game with it. The beginning of the Patriots game, I felt it.”

The NFL is considering whether the Steelers improperly withheld Bell’s groin injury from injury reports.

Not having to undergo surgery is a great sign for the free-agent-to-be. The Steelers are likely to use the franchise tag on Bell before the March 1 deadline while the sides attempt to hammer out a long-term contract that could set the running back market pay scale.

I particularly enjoy the aggrieved defender’s bewildered glance at the floor moments after his fall. No sir, that is no wet spot on the court — those are tiny bone fragments from both of your ankles.

And shoutout to Gurley for ending the play with the deuce. As anyone who’s played in competitive gym hoops can attest, the majority of amateur slasher types have no ability to finish. Your crossover don’t mean jack unless you put the rock in the hole.

Every 2015 NFL training camp fight ranked from best to the Jets

Training camp always has its fair share of scuffles, but Geno Smith’s broken jaw and high-profile players like Cam Newton and Dez Bryant getting in scraps with teammates has cast fights on the practice field into the spotlight and the NFL wants players to chill out a bit.

In a memo sent to all 32 NFL teams on Friday, the league’s executive vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent, warned players that fights aren’t a good idea.

“As professionals, no matter how emotional the game becomes, there is nothing that should resort to fighting,” Vincent wrote. “Coaches are encouraged to emphasize to players, coaches, and other club personnel who are on the sidelines, that fighting will not be tolerated.”

By the end of last year, he started figuring out the other shit.

I saw Floyd starting to use his hips to get past offensive lineman — an underrated skill that’s vital to most pass rushers — and his hands a lot better as the 2014 season progressed. Instead of hanging on to blocks, he started escaping off them and making plays after pushing the blocker or blockers into the backfield. The most telling thing I saw from Floyd as the season went on was that he started to celebrate after he made plays.

I know some of you lame jackasses have something against celebrating, but I can’t understand that mentality. We, as players, put so much into being able to go out and make plays for our teammates, coaches and fans every week. That shit is hard! There have literally been thousands of “good” college players who never got a shot in the NFL or got there and simply couldn’t make plays against that level of competition.

Jim and I agree that someone on the Cincinnati Bengals will step up to fill the void created by A.J. Green’s torn hamstring

Obviously, Jim and I agree that someone on the Cincinnati Bengals will step up to fill the void created by A.J. Green’s torn hamstring. I’m betting on LaFell, since he’s been the second-best wide receiver on the Bengals this season.

Among that group, LaFell ranks second on his team in both targets (55) and yards per catch (12.7), with Tashaun Gipson Authentic Jersey only Green ahead of him. With Green sidelined, expect LaFell’s target frequency to increase and a with a game versus the Baltimore Ravens on the horizon, that’s great news. The Ravens allow the fourth-most fantasy points per game to opposing wide receivers, so look for LaFell to be a worthy WR2 candidate this week.

These are surely not the answers you’re looking for, whether you’re a frustrated Texans fan or simply someone who would like to limit blood-pressure spikes during games. It is easy to bash the NFL when an official appears to make a mistake, even while overlooking errors that occur regularly in all aspects of what is a game played and coached by humans. And in many cases, the league deserves the criticism.

The Dolphins’ defense has proven resilient and has one of the better pressure rates in the league in the pass-rush phase, but with Kaepernick’s ability to escape the pocket and the up-tempo scheme Chip Kelly employs — the 49ers are eighth in drives per game the past six weeks (11.6) — we admire his high floor for fantasy purposes, as he’s produced at least 17 fantasy points in all but one start this season.

Adei-Barimah has been the team’s nickelback for most of the season. He’s played in all 10 games this year, with 22 tackles, two sacks, two pass breakups and a forced fumble.

It is not a perfect solution, and in fact is designed only to avoid the most obvious mistakes, but it is a layer the NFL should consider adding for occasions such as Monday night.

Second, the cost was significant — estimated at $25 million or more — for a project that might have only Telvin Smith Authentic Jersey incremental impact. (Belichick has suggested a bake sale to take care of it, which might have been one of his best public moments to date.)