Aron Baynes sees Gregg Popovich characteristics in Brad Stevens

Boston Celtics center Aron Baynes has likened coach Brad Stevens to San Antonio Spurs boss Gregg Popovich, saying the duo share a key characteristic needed in Playoff basketball: composure.

“Their composure throughout the game is pretty much second to none. No matter what’s going on on the floor, they’re so composed in how they are with the team and the message that that sends through to everyone and keeps everyone calm.”

While Baynes is full of praise for Stevens, the Celtics coach is equally fond of the “leader” he has in the Australian big man. Signed on a one-year deal ahead of this season, Baynes has been a vital defensive cog in the Celtics’ run to the Eastern Conference Finals.

He then started dropping threes. In fact, Baynes’ three-point percentage sits at .524 for the postseason.

The Houston Rockets were up by two points when Draymond Green pulled down a defensive board to initiate the break. He passed it to Durant, who dribbled the ball up the court. Instead of taking a shot, Durant found a cutting Klay Thompson along the baseline.

Trevor Ariza closed hard on Thompson, forcing Thompson to put the ball on the floor before firing up an ill-advised turnaround air ball. Durant was seen demanding a kickout, and with 5 seconds on the clock, Green was calling for a timeout that went unnoticed by the officials.

“I raced it down. I was trying to see if I had some options. I saw Klay running along the baseline and maybe should have waited until he set his feet, but I just threw a bounce pass and tried to relocate for it,” he explained. “But, man, that’s not the reason we lost the game. I wish it could have been a better possession at the end, but, you know, we’ve got to live with that and move on and be better next game.”

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