Falcons offense adding “some wrinkles”

The Falcons offense will have many of the familiar faces in Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and company, but it won’t look exactly the same. Coach Dan Quinn said the Falcons are tweaking the offense to try to turn back the clock to 2016.

“You’d see him at night and trying to put a coat on and even struggling to get the arm in there. But you’d say to him, ‘You high?’ ‘No, I’m not high,'” Ken says.

Jamie’s younger sister, Arlyn, said she, too, saw signs his addiction was out of control, like the time in a coffee shop near campus where Jamie could barely function.

“He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t stand up straight, and I was embarrassed to have him there. I took him back to my apartment … I couldn’t handle it,” Arlyn said.

Denver’s Gary Harris is doubtful for Monday night due to a knee sprain, even as they could really use him in pursuit of a playoff bid. Reports from the beat writers suggest his regular season is likely over, thus I’d be comfortable exchanging him for one of the Brooks discussed above.

The Suns’ Chriss was held out for what might just be lottery leverage, as was Jackson yesterday. Chriss has been playing well, so keep an eye on his hip “injury.”

The Clippers’ Lou Williams is doubtful for Monday and Danilo Gallinari has already been ruled out with a lingering hand ailment.

The Raptors could use this final stretch to rest their key players, which includes Fred VanFleet sitting out on Sunday with a back issue. Delon Wright could be a savvy addition if Lowry and VanFleet rest.

Giannis Antetokounmpo sat out Saturday against the Knicks with an ankle injury, but it appears to be maintenance, given he’d played seven straight leading into the game.

This is the window. Now is Johnny Manziel’s best chance — as slim as it might be — to catch the eye of an NFL team before deciding whether to circle back and make a two-year commitment to play in the CFL.buccaneers_119

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