Cowboys’ Dak Prescott ready for Thanksgiving game after Eagles beatdown

Despite enduring the worst game of his career Sunday night, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is itching to get back on the field Thursday.

“I’d play tomorrow if I could,” Prescott told reporters after a 37-9 loss to the Eagles.

The second-year quarterback set a career-worst with a 30.4 passer rating to go along with three interceptions and a lost fumble. The divisional loss marked the first game of Prescott’s 27 starts in which Dallas failed to score a touchdown.

I love that Jagr still exists in the same way that I love that Paul McCartney exists. Yes, it’s much more about what they’ve accomplished than what they will accomplish. But what a rare joy it is to be able to point to someone and exclaim that they’re a god-level virtuoso in what they do, and that you know they’re thankful for each day they can continue to do it. So in turn, I’m thankful for the chance to witness that.

The Cowboys owner, appearing on his radio show on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, said he doesn’t expect to put up any sort of sun shade to block the light, despite complaints from receivers Dez Bryant and Brice Butler, who said the sun was in their eyes and, in fact, led to dropped passes during the Cowboys’ 28-17 win Sunday over the Chiefs.

“I don’t see curtains at all,” Jones said. “We’re good at knowing where that sun is during these games. So, I don’t see that in the future.”

The sun is a problem because, unlike most NFL venues that orient the playing field north-south, AT&T Stadium’s playing surface runs east-west.

However, Jones says the team and its architects took that into account — and it built it the way they did anyway.

“Absolutely. We thought about that all the time,” Jones said. “You’ve also got to think about the land and you’ve got to think about the best way to set the stadium. So, there’s nothing that doesn’t have many things to think about as opposed to it.broncos_094

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