Marcus Mariota is the team’s ascendant young quarterback

The gap between the average tier for 49ers QB Brian Hoyer (4.00) and the team’s opposing QBs (2.88) is the NFL’s seventh largest. San Francisco faces zero Tier 1 QBs and five Tier 4 QBs, so there could be opportunities for the 49ers if Hoyer can outperform expectations in Kyle Shanahan’s system, as some think he might.

The Vikings play the third-toughest lineup of opposing QBs, with five games against Tier 1 QBs and two more against Matthew Stafford, who climbed into the top 10 and is now solidly in the second tier. That lineup becomes tougher if Cam Newton bounces back from a down 2016 season.

The Colts play a league-high 13 games against Tier 3-4 QBs, which is why they’ll be back in the 8-8 range if Andrew Luck is healthy and plays a full season. When will Luck be healthy? How will he perform with zero offseason work? I can’t assume the best in the absence of any evidence, and so the Colts come away with a four-win projection.

The most important thing you need to know to become a Jaguars fan is that you should be yelling “DUUUUUUVAAAAALLLLL” as loudly and as frequently as possible. It’s a reference to the county the team is located in. That’s a much more exciting element of Jaguars fandom these days than the actual team.

Marcus Mariota is the team’s ascendant young quarterback, and he’s an easy guy to root for because he always has time to make fans feel special. Just don’t try to give him a nickname. When he entered the league in 2015, Mariota said, “I don’t have a nickname. And I’m not looking for one, either.”

I’m reading this tight end first. It’s trips speed, so I don’t have any wide receivers to worry about. I’m reading through this tight end to hold him off my corner, so he can come over the top of the seam route. steelers_037

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