the Cowboys get Kellen Moore healthy to be the new No. 2 with Tony Romo Jersey gone.

Limited Womens Allen Bailey Jersey Ideally for the Jaguars, Bortles emerges from this rough stretch, becomes the starter and resumes building upon the things that helped him toss 35 touchdown passes in 2015. If not, Henne shows the ability to connect on big passes and becomes less of a check-down QB than when he first started sitting on the bench two-plus years ago.

I’m told Bortles and Henne are both personally liked by their teammates, and the Jaguars players I spoke with didn’t seem to be pulling in either direction as to who starts. The biggest thing they want is for a decision to get made.

Just in case you missed any QB move, big or small, let’s circle back to the Seahawks by seeing what every other NFL team has handled the position this offseason.

Elsewhere in the NFC West, after the 49ers chose to not to bring back Kaepernick or Gabbert, they signed Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley and drafted C.J. Beathard. The Cardinals got Gabbert behind Carson Palmer, and the Rams elevated Sean Mannion behind Jared Goff.

In the NFC East, the Cowboys get Kellen Moore healthy to be the new No. 2 with Tony Romo gone. The Giants got insurance in Geno Smith and the future in Davis Webb. The Redskins had to spend even more on Kirk Cousins, so stuck with Colt McCoy. The Eagles brought back Nick Foles to back up Carson Wentz.

Elite Youth Brandon Fusco Jersey It’s not the biggest aspect of Colin Kaepernick’s life that got overshadowed by his kneeling protests of last season. But in the national debate that ensued, it was easy to forget that his days as a 49er were numbered long before he made his protests public.

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