We have two towns, Janesville and Beloit, about 160 people that county

And around here they seem to think money grows on tree. They waste and spend with reckless abandon and they’re losing sight of the fact that this money comes from a person’s paycheck. It comes from a family that Jaromir Jagr Jersey is struggling to put bread on the table, get vacation for their kids, get their family growing. Then they’re paying their taxes to the IRS, and then the IRS wastes it. And I ‘t think that they think about that when they spend all this money. SUSTEREN: I sometimes wonder if the media is complicit the whole poisoned culture, because the media refers to waste of $50 million over a two-year period, they call that chump change, because I suppose the grand scheme of things when we’re talking billions and trillions, it’s chump change. But it really isn’t. : Yes. SUSTEREN: The media sort of is dismissive sometimes about that. : I live Rock County, Wisconsin.

We have two towns, Janesville and Beloit, about 160 people that county. The increase the money they’re asking for, our taxpayers, all the working taxpayers that county that I come from wouldn’t be enough to cover the increase spending they’re asking for. that’s basically saying we’re asking everybody Rock County, Wisconsin, 160 people, these working families to pay all their federal taxes we can spend it on increase the IRS. What they are not looking at is the hardworking taxpayers are actually paying this money, working for this money. And that’s what we are trying to impress on these folks. And I’ve got Jarret Stoll Jersey to tell you, we are not going to give them this spending increase and we’re not going to give them all of these additional IRS employees that they are asking for, especially since they continually waste this money. SUSTEREN: What I ‘t understand, and with all due respect to Congress, is that Congress does have the job of oversight, and we’re talking about years and years and years of just unbelievable spending by the IRS on these conferences.

They are really parties. If you work here this town, you know they are parties. Where is the oversight Congress? : Quite frankly we have kept their budget a bit flat the last few years. We took over Congress 2010. We started putting budgets down and started cutting spending. You have to remember Pelosi controlled Congress from 2008 to 2010 when they had bigger budgets. we started cutting their spending and doing this oversight. The reason we know these things we all know is because Congress over the last two years has been doing oversight. The reason we know about the IRS scandal is because Congress had the inspector general do this study. The reason we know about these wasteful dollars is because Congress did this oversight and uncovered this. But we had to get the majority 2010 to start doing that. And this is the result of two years of work that we have already put into this. SUSTEREN: One thing you can’t do, and maybe I’m harsh about this, but it is gotten out of control, because I think people knew they shouldn’t have spent money this way. You ‘t need Wolfgang Puck chef at IRS conference.

And the record is replete with the way money is used. You can’t present evidence to a grand jury to whether there are criminal violations. The choice is either the attorney general of the United States does it or there’s a special prosecutor. far, I haven’t seen a huge appetite on the part of the attorney general. But are you favor of a special prosecutor. If, when? : Not yet. I think there be a time for that. The reason I say not yet is because I want Congress to do its job, to do its oversight. We owe our constituents, the hardworking taxpayers who pay these taxes, that we’ll get to the bottom of this, that we’re going to hold these people accountable, and we’re going to bring some transparency and accountability to this agency and rest of government.

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